How to dress your Dog!

Every dog has his day. And on the right day, every dog needs to be on point. Because who knows, your dog’s opposite gender counterpart may just be around the corner! Sniffing random things, of course.

Here are a few accessories that’ll make the your dog look dapper for every occasion, be it a walk in the park, a cold afternoon indoors or a talent show which your doggo will surely win.


Want to add a splash of colours to your dog’s look?  Get your pet a bandana and he’ll be jumping with joy. Bandanas are sure to change the way your looks and little style doesn’t harm anybody. Does it?


Who doesn’t want a perfect gentle-dog to spend a romantic evening with! Bow not only enhances the personality of the dog but also adds certain flair. Why stand in when your dog can stand out in the crowd?


Classic, Classic, CLASSIC! Dog tags are one of the classiest accessories that your dog can own. It has a certain pride and history attached to it. Your little Macho mate is sure to make the headlines as he wears the dog tags to perfection.


Here, the possibilities are infinite. Want to make your dog look bubbly? Go for a cute bright coloured collar. Want to make your dog look sleek? A metal one should work fine. You just can’t go wrong with the collars!

As Josh Billings says, ‘A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself’. It is time we give back the love!

Let’s go dog shopping!

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